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I have been using Google Universal analytics tag with my blog for a while. Google has been pushing the users to move to Google Analytics 4 from the current Universal Analytics for almost a year. Admittedly, I use it in a very basic ways just to monitor the page visits, so didn’t bother much to do the required update. I had been using google-universal as the provider in the jekyll config.

  provider: "google-universal"
    tracking_id: "UA-908945612-1"

To move to GA-4, I had to

  • update the provider to google-gtag
  • get the measurement ID from the data stream (as explained here)


  provider: "google-gtag"
    tracking_id: "G-TYVCJUF74I"

Post update, data from the universal analytics tag didn’t seem to be carried over. GA-4 property shows only the data from the new traffic. The home page for GA-4 property does look better than the old one though, with cleaner UI, personalized dashboard and customized insights and recommendations.