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I had few days of break few weeks ago and wanted to learn something different from my usual line of work. Having used in GCP in the recent times for some hobby projects, I thought of exploring Azure this time and see how those projects can be made to run in Azure. I started off from Azure Portal and read the documentation from Microsoft Learn. The Learn library has excellent coverage of all things under Azure, so it is easy to get lost in learning. Taking the AZ-900 certification gave some structure to the learning. I took a course on Coursera at the beginning, but that turned out to be not so interesting. The content was just a read out of the pretty much same (and sometimes outdated) as what is in the learning path of for AZ-900 in Microsoft Learn. I found the AZ-900 playlists on YouTube provide much more value than Coursera videos. I came back to Microsoft Learn and Azure documentation itself to continue the learning, supplemented with some YouTube videos. Registering for the certification also gives an option to register separately (costs $90) for MeasureUp to take practice exam. Some enterprise accounts come with discount codes to the certification registration and also free access to the MeasureUp through Enterprise Skills Initiative program. The practice exam on MeasureUp turned out to be very helpful to focus on the topics of interest and ignore the ones which I was already very familiar with. The questions during the actual exam was much easier than what I saw in the practice quiz though. I took a lot of notes while going through the material from videos and documentation, and have compiled them here. This was very handy in reviewing the content before the exam.