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This is my first book on the genre of exploration or expedition. Quite a gripping memoir of a life filled with adventure, thrill, love and nature. Jill’s journey from a graphic designer to a pioneer in cave diving is nothing short of an amazing feat. I came to know about cave diving while reading about the efforts to rescue to children trapped in a cave in Thailand in 2018. An year ater, I came across book and had been wanting to read it since then.

My thoughts on Into the Planet book by Jill Heinerth

The level of details she has captured convincingly teleported me to the places she has travelled. My favorite chapter in the book is the one about the diving in Antartica. The near impossible travel conditions in the sea, dives in freezing water, swimming with never before seen creatures, getting trapped under floes..wow. That must have been one hell of an expedition to make.

A favorite line from the book:

Everyone experiences life’s challenges. It is what we do with them that matters.

Another one.

Both good and bad life events contribute to the fabric of who we are as individuals and as a civilization. If we continue to trek purposefully toward our dreams, into the planet and beyond, we just might achieve the impossible.