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Review of An Elephant In My Kitchen book

It has been few years since I read the Elephant Whisperer book by Lawrence Anthony. I felt as if I went to the game reserve and lived with the herd when I read the book. I vividly remember the names of elephants in the herd to this day. This book, An Elephant In My Kitchen by Lawrence’s wife is a perfect sequel to where Lawrence left off in the previous book. It is a touching tale of life in the bush, especially about elephants, rhinos and hippos. They teach us so much about life, love, care and compassion. It is so disturbing to find how badly poaching has affected the pristine wild life. The way they are brutally killed for the horns (which is nothing but keratin) and tusks are so gruesome and traumatic. Most of the animals that land in conservation reserve come after such a tragic incidents. It takes ton of patience and deep understanding of animal emotions to establish the trust and develop a bonding with them. Kudos to the people of Thula Thula who are doing this everyday and committed to the well being of these wild animals.